Commercial Plumbing • Baldwinsville, NY

Since the early foundations by CEO and President Tom Shaw in 1983, T&S Mechanicals has been a reliable and trusted company by many. T&S is licensed and insured within Onondaga County for commercial plumbing work. Being in the construction business since 1963, Tom and his team have completed numerous projects throughout the years, growing more successful and acclaimed with each one. In addition to plumbing and mechanical work, Tom donates to several different foundations through T&S, amplifying the humble and generous foundation and intentions of the company.

T&S is consisted of a total of 17 employees, including Tom and three of his sons, Dan, Dave, and Ben whom he founded the business with through our office location in Baldwinsville, New York. Collaboration with multiple, well known supply houses and contractors is a continuous practice with T&S, as well as having a diverse range of projects and clients. We take pride in the quality and greatness of our work, along with having an assured and enduring impact.